Abernethy UMC
Abernethy UMC
Sunday, May 20, 2018
God is here. Jesus is coming.

Pumpkins for sale!

It's pumpkin season again at Abernethy and we are excited to announce a portion of the profits this year will go to ABCCM Steadfast House and Abernethy Good Faith Garden!

 This is not only a fundraiser, but also a Mission Project in two different ways. First, we receive a portion of profits from sales. The other portion goes to the Navajo Indians who grow the pumpkins. Ten percent of Abernethy’s profit goes for a local mission need and we have designated this percentage for 2018 will be equally shared with ABCCM Steadfast House and Abernethy Good Faith Garden.

 Over the years our donations have gone to ABCCM for the new shelter planned for women and children (transformation Village), Haywood Street for their Respite Center for homeless people recovering from surgery and "On Eagles Wings" Ministry, working to increase awareness about and end human sex trafficking in our surrounding areas.

 So how does this work?

Well its pretty darn simple. Just buy pumpkins.

Here are some Pumpkin Patch details:

Hours - Monday thru Saturday 10am - 7pm and Sunday Noon to 7pm.

 Pricing varies by the size of the pumpkin.

And we have all sizes from huge to tiny. The smallest go for 50 cents! When you go, in all probability, the Pumpkin Patch CEO will be there. His name is Ronnie Lowe and he's the king of the patch. He will help you find the perfect one if you have trouble.

Bring your camera/phone, especially if you have kids. Someone there will always help you take a picture or two. Many of our customers have been bringing their children to the patch for pictures year after year.

Hope to see you there.