Abernethy UMC
Abernethy UMC
Sunday, May 20, 2018
God is here. Jesus is coming.


A note from Steadfast House:

“Thank you for the fresh food from your garden! It’s a blessing for us.”

Our Garden grows on Faith, and the work of many helping hands.

This year those helping hands are bringing in a bountiful harvest so far. As summer heats up, we will have a challenge keeping this garden healthy, but God has provided the means for our success and we will keep working. If you're interested in making a difference at the meals of many less fortunate people this summer, ask how you can help. Your impact is directly felt in our community.


Patiently waiting for spring.

Our 2015 season will begin as soon as warmer weather allows. But for now we wait. Soon enough the Good Faith Garden will be growing again.
Winter at the gardenWinter at the garden 

Our Garden, and our Faith, grows in 2014.

In 2012 we had a growth goal. It involved more planting space, more variety of plants, including flowers and fruit trees, and cleaning up and maintaining a waste and compost area that isn’t just an eye sore. Our work began on March 3rd with the help of our Boy Scout Troop 138 and church members. We did an awesome amount of work that day and you can see the difference.  
See some pics here.
In June 2013 Abernethy's Good Faith Garden was included on a tour of other 'Gardens That Give' in the western North Carolina area. Our garden is made of 17 raised beds and now, thanks to a city grant, fully irrigated with each bed having drip irrigation, all set on timers. The garden is much easier to maintain now. We also use row covers on our lettuce beds to extend the harvest. Good Faith Garden is maintained by a handful of dedicated folks from Abernethy, the Scouts, and others taking their turns at feeling great about helping those in need.

Fast forward to this season.

The 2014 gardening season has started! The cub scouts topped off the beds with soil and manure. Tim hooked up and turned on the automatic irrigation. Ronny, Richard and Tim did loads of clean-up to prep for spring planting. Ronny planted green onions and spinach starts. And a blue bird was spotted in our blue bird house in the Memorial garden. The gardeners are looking forward to another highly productive season! Keep checking back for updates. I heard a little 'bottom irrigation' project may happen soon. Sure to be interesting to watch ...
Our goal this year is to donate between 20 to 30 lbs. or more of food each week. Donations go to Steadfast House, a shelter for women and children and also to the clients of our BEAR Closet, all of whom are greatly appreciative to receive top quality, organically grown, fresh garden produce. More food this year will go to Haywood St. Mission. Most of the time the food is delivered the same day it was picked! You can't get much fresher than that.
If you want to support this mission at our church, contact Diana in the church office at 828.254.2612 or by email.
You can also contact Richard at 828.712.0620 or email.

Super Thanks to the Magnificent 7 from Central.

Saturday, May 3rd the Good Faith Garden got help from a group from Central UMC. They spent several hours weeding, shoveling dirt and planting. They also got a quick tour of B.E.A.R. Closet.
I hope we have a chance to repay them soon. Their work was a true blessing!
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