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September 20th Worship Service

This time of year, Jesus and his family would have been celebrating the High Holy days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.  This is a time to look deeply at how we are doing in our relationships with our loved one and the world.  I invite you to join with our Jewish kin and reflect upon these questions:
Where could I have done better with loved ones, at work, in my encounters with others?
Have I cared for the earth and for others?
Have I taken responsibility for my actions?
Did I show courage when I was afraid, or did I give in to my fears?
Did I hurt anyone, and do I need to repair any relationships?
Did I offer help where I could?
Did I express gratitude?
Hopefully, we’ve been practicing loving relationships all along by being ethical, fair, and grateful.  It’s a great practice to reflect in a focused way on our relationships. 
Our lectionary scriptures today invite us to look more closely at God’s ways of right relationship. 
Let’s put more love into the world each day. 
Grace and Peace,

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