Abernethy UMC
Abernethy UMC
Monday, August 29, 2016
God is here. Jesus is coming.

This is a great celebration for our church and we welcome ALL to worship with us.

If you are looking for a church community, or if you have been a part of this church in the past, please join us.   


Our church is having a birthday! 

A 70th Abernethy Homecoming is planned for September 18, 2016. 
Put it on your calendar. Bill Blake has asked for your Abernethy memories to make a “Memory Book”. We are counting on it being very successful and lots of fun. We need lots of ideas and participation. 

Other upcoming events at Abernethy are:

-The Pumpkins are coming! Our annual pumpkin sale will kick off with a truckload of pumpkins arriving September 25th around 12:30. Let the fun begin!
- Annual Arts and Crafts Bazaar is scheduled for Saturday the 29th. More info to come soon.

Asheville’s Downtown Welcome Table (DWT) Learn more...


Join us at Abernethy UMC.

A website will never be able to truly capture the heart of a church. However, I believe that in this site you will find some snapshots that will help you understand that Abernethy people truly love and care for each other as well as their neighbors, just as Jesus asked us to do.

Meet Pastor Sara Scruggs. 

Sara is passionate about helping her churches engage with the community and become a place for all God’s children to find hope and wholeness. She leads by building consensus and empowering the people around her.

There is much more about Sara, and Abernethy, and about the God we serve together. So stop by and see us, catch us in the BEAR Closet, the Good Faith Garden, at the UJ or The Hop or out in the Pumpkin Patch.  We would love to get to know more about you as well. 


If the weather outside is iffy... 

Spring is here, but its always a good idea to stay safe. If you have any doubt about the conditions where you are don't risk it. We'll update the website as punctually as possible about services and other news when weather is bad. Our Inclement weather policy is here..

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The last Sunday (dates) of each
month is Eatin' Sunday. Join us
afterservices for a potluck lunch.
Find us:
Sunday Services:

9:30 am - Informal coffee and fellowship in Wilson Hall

9:45 am - Sunday School

11:00 am - Worship Services

5 pm - Youth meeting (time may vary)
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Looking for a Bible study?
No commitments required -- just ordinary folks talking about a not-so-ordinary book. Join us Tuesdays around 3:15 -3:30 p.m. in the Growing Christians classroom by the Fellowship Hall! P.S. We have snacks. Yep.